Organic Food Is Nutritional Health
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You Are What You Eat

Picture of a schoolhouse Why Organic? Or even “Beyond Organic.” The American mainstream food chain is hopelessly drenched in fluorine which attacks the thyroid which underlies obesity and a hundred other problems. Your options: organic or disease. Learn exactly why synthetic fertilizer poisons the soil and the growing plants thereby preventing healthy plant growth that would otherwise naturally resist and repel disease and insects. The ignored landmark 1993 lab report. Start here.

Picture of organic corn ear Food Technical information about ingredients for nutritive meals as your daily medicine (Hippocrates). Exact instructions for unlocking the huge nutrition in maize used by Native Americans and currently in Mexico. “Grassfed” beef is actually medicinal. Real eggs are almost perfect food.

Picture of chain links. Nutritional Healthcare Links Links to other sites with valuable information on healthcare and especially on food sources. Where to find organic seeds and beans in bulk—the only way to buy them. Where to find the only kind of red meat to eat—grassfed Selected newsletters.

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