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picture of Burton Linne-Feb2000

Hello! I'm Burton Linne, Manager of Brain Therapy Publications Ltd. which actually owns this website. This was a commercial website that sold dyslexia therapy-in-a-box and unlimited storage organic seeds and beans until mid-2000. Now it is kept alive as a non-commercial public service.

Eating organic i.e., clean non-toxic,non-chemicalized nutrition, winds up meaning you must cook from scratch, frontier style. You must grind your own whole wheat flour from organic wheat or spelt to make organic bread. Here's why: The manufacturer's label may say organic but if it is made in America, in a bag, can, carton, bottle or wrapper in a factory or bakery, it is licensed and inspected, therefore disinfected with strong chemicals that you get to eat along with the food. The end product is corrupted; it is not organic! See the comments below about plain water. Moreover, most baked goods today are made with canola oil, which absolutely poisons the end product.

This site began as a vehicle to sell a home administered therapy for dyslexia—the brain birth defect that impairs visual and vocal communications. The site's original name was I met one of the leaders of a little known movement in academia— accellerated learning. Professor Win Wenger, Ph.D., ( had discovered a no-tech exercise that created such a strong feedback loop in your brain that in just a few minutes gave the entire brain a complete workout unlike anything ever before. The electrical energy created during this daydreaming-like feedback triggers new growth of connecting pathways hardwiring.

Your brain works with neurons which are complex chemical memory cells connected through electrical wiring called axons which transmit, and dendrites which receive signals. The connecting point between the sending/receiving wires is a marvelous synapse device. The actual connection is not physical. The connection occurs only when an electrical pulse forces movement of a specific chemical called a neuropeptide across a gap from one side of the synapse to another. Your neurons are at rest until called into action by a signal.

Your brain is a bioelectrochemical system. For future use, the key word here is “chemical” because it will lead us into nutrition. As for the neuropeptide business, the discovery of its existence is a whole story of its own. At last published count, around 100 distinct versions of this short lived chemical have been identified.

This extraordinary Einsteinian/Socratic Method no-tech brain workout accidently turned out to be a natural therapy for “dyslexia.” Dyslexia has been recently proven to be insufficient hardwiring of the left side of the brain—a disabling deficit of axons and dendrites. Thus Brain Therapy Publications Ltd. was created in 1997 that went online as

No-tech means you don't use any technology. You maintain an audible running commentary on what you see on the inside of your forehead while deliberately random daydreaming. It's actually fun, always works, always forces upward growth of your thinking ability and general intelligence, and is especially effective on children from 4 up. When little Albert discovered it, it not only partially cured his own birth-brain defects, but led directly to his E=MC2 formula and Law of Relativity.

Once I understood the foregoing bioelectrochemical nature of the brain and the nature of dyslexia, investigation into what chemicals are needed to produce the brain's thinking process, the production of the hardwiring, and the method of sending signals at the rate of at least 200mph flashing around your noodle mandated itself. This led directly into nutrition. Which led directly into agriculture. Which led me directly into the nature of chemical farming in the United States. Which scared the pants off me when I discovered that I had been eating and feeding to my wife and daughter, plain bad poison.

Just, crap. Worse, crap that only partially nurtured me because the chemicals used by American mainstream farmers (which has set off an epidemic of cancer mortality amongst them) cut off the flow of minerals into the plants that I ate as veggies, and into the meat of animals who ate the plants, that I ate thinking I was getting good meat. It took perhaps an hour's reflection to convert me into a strict organic food consumer. It shut down all restaurant eating which easily covered the much higher food budget sums needed to buy only organic meats and vegetables. I cover my lifestyle in business or social situations without difficulty by eating at home before entering the event, then accepting only a dry bread item that I carefully nibble at with a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

Introducing an exotic, unendorsed, non-medical, kind of off-the-wall therapy for as difficult a human condition as dyslexia takes a lot of time and money. The market then was in the range of 15 to 20 million people. My resources were insufficient. The non-patentable program was dropped.

In late 1998, I went looking for clean strictly organic seeds and beans to put up against the strong possibility that our computer run infrastructure would fail for a few weeks going into 2000. The ingredients were there, but in the wrong quantities and unsuitable packaging. So I put together a program for myself. Some friends found out what I had done and asked me for help. A venture was launched in early 1999. was invented over night.

From a zero startup, the venture quickly grew into a great success during the whole year in 1999. My journey into retail internet food ingredient sales halted when Cinderella's coach didn't turn into a Y2K pumpkin at midnight. City folks were able to trust their supermarket again. Without sufficient volume to maintain a business mode, I shut it down. But, the website had so much good information in it by then, that I kept it open just for the fun of it; where it remains today. It continues to grow and evolve. A footnote to our success in preventing the pumpkin: the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources HHR needed 100 million dollars over a two year period to remediate their legacy computers. And it worked.

The water! You can survive several weeks without eating a thing, but after five days without water, you are dead or quickly dying. You cannot drink, cook, and swim in city water today in America unless you believe fluorine, or rather, sodium fluoride and arsenic are good things to have inside your cells.

We drink and cook with distilled water that we make at home. If we could, we would also wash and bathe with distilled water. We drink nothing out of a bottle or can aside from an occasional beer or wine. Now there is a place for you to get rare knowledge along with equipment and supplies to turn whatever it is that pours out of your spigots into a universal medicine! Really!

Learn how to make homemade rainwater into a universal medicine for just a few cents per dose, three doses per day on our other website Then Back-button to return here. END
Warm regards, Burton Linne