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Why Organic Or
Beyond Organic?
A Tutorial

Because the other stuff will slowly kill you while malnourishing you and at your own expense by advice of authorities you trust not to deceive you, but they every turn. You are strictly on your own with respect to knowing what you swallow and feed to your children to swallow. The pages listed here will give you a strong basis for avoiding “mainstream” American commercial edibles; to pay whatever is the going price for clean nutrition.

“Beyond Organic” is a new term to describe growers, especially ranchers, producing food in a process that far exceeds the legal definition of Organic. These folks usually sell directly to the public within their State borders to avoid any contact with the USDA's toxic mandates or its corruption of the word Organic. Grassfed beef usually falls into this new category. It is the only beef my wife and I eat. I drive 150 miles to get it right on Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia. There is a Grassfed beef source near you, or at least within a few hours drive. Find it on my Links page. Burton Linne

The Primer: First Knowledge

If the commercial or even the “organic” canned soup, boxed pasta, or bagged bread was cooked with almost any city's water, it is loaded with fluoride which cannot be filtered out from water except by distillation. The individual plants themselves take up the fluoride and are themselves internally poisoned with fluorine. Animals who eat these plants who are in turn eaten by you deliver the fluoride to you with every steak or hamburger you eat. The salad you tossed with delight; the home baked bread your family devoured for its freshness and exorbitant taste—all poisonous a little bit at a time.

The poison hits your thyroid a molecule at a time until you reach your tipping point and turn degenerative. You have just two options today in America: organic-beyond organic ingredients (cook it yourself) health or mainstream half-price poison that steadily degenerates you from conception onward.

Fluoride saves your teeth? Wrong, big time. Better spend some time in this section if you want to know why your immune system(s) are way too low; and your teeth are cracking; and you are importing aluminum (aluminum fluoride) into your brain so you can end your days in Alzheimers.

This report will take you ten minutes or so. It will place you far above the typical physician, nutritionist, biologist, State and federal government expert, and university professor of medicine, agriculture, chemistry, pharmacology, dentistry, and any other field of study that includes human health.
Fertilizer Fluoride Poisons Thyroid

Caveat: internalizing this knowledge will force a lifestyle change to wit: you won't ever trust anybody else's cooking. Even a can of organic factory-cooked beans will lose all appeal. Certainly, no restaurant will ever be the same for you. Not even the rare organic-only restaurant. The good news is that you don't have to become a puritan zealot. Fluoride poisoning is a process, not a one time event. You won't keel over dead from one cup of tap water coffee. You don't have to avoid an important social or business event that includes a meal—you just won't enjoy it as before, and you won't seek them out, nor will you ever ask for seconds again. I avoid all restaurants because I fear hepatitis from kitchen workers' feces soiled fingernails. Just washing hands, which few of them do, is insufficient.


Study the underground calamity Baron Justus von Leibig didn't know he was unleashing when he published his initial molecular findings in 1840 —literally what goes on under the surface of the ground.

All planet Earth life survives on just the top most two inches of soil. Sometimes, the top most four inches of soil. A tree's taproot goes straight down until it finds water, but all the rest of the tree's foot spreads out horizontally only several inches under the surface. A cereal plant such as wheat, spelt, rice, or oats reaches only two inches down. All life on Earth lives only where there is nutrition in the first two to three inches of dirt, soil, humus, earth or whatever else you call it.

Within this film of life, all greenleaf growth depends on a planet-wide family of living creatures called mychorizzae, fungus. But not just any old fungus—a special kind of fungus that takes nourishment from the green leaf creature while paying for it with pre-digested metals, i.e., “minerals.”

If these metals are not inside the greenleaf plant in usable organic form, it has no immune system. It may look pretty, but it is only cosmetic. It is a sick weakling. Picture a whole field of sick, weakling corn for example. Sick and weak green leaf plants broadcast measurable infrared frequency energy. That's heat.

This round the clock radiation in all directions is a boots and saddles bugle call to every green leaf devouring insect and spore.

Presto! bugs, and fungi. Leibig (lee-bish in German) is the father of organic chemistry. A towering figure in the history of chemistry. An honorable man by all accounts. He died while still trying to undo the grave harm his 1840 publication of his initial research into agriculture did to the future of man.

Study this Primer to learn exactly why factory manufactured fertilizers are the root of the trouble that brings on pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides along with non-nutritional, indeed toxic edibles and toxic food animals. You'll never be the same again. You'll never be fooled by the on-the-take false scientists again.

Organic's Price Value

An organic potato has at least two times the nutrition as a chemical potato as a long ignored highly scientific 1993 research paper disclosed.

A novel research mode was conducted over a two year period in a hair and body fluid physicians' analysis laboratory just west of Chicago. “Novel” in the sense that for the first time ever, the food value of six commonly ingested food items was measured as if it were digested by a human, not burned into ashes to measure the emitted gases.

First the items were dissolved in digestive juices, then the liquid was analyzed for various nutrients and toxins. The results were astounding. They totally contradict all the gas spectrography investigations commissioned by the mainstream commercial toxic grains and food manufacturers' producers.

The standard party line is that there is little if any difference between an organic apple and a synthetically fertilized, chemicalized apple in terms of nutrition, therefore the typically double price paid for the organic apple is a fraud.

The simulated digestive method of analysis however says just the opposite. An organic apple has at least twice the nutrition as a commercial apple. Hundreds of times more certain trace metals (minerals) as the cheap, commercial apple, potato, tomato, and others.

Patented Frankenstein Creatures
Licensed as Nutrition by
the United States Government

This click will open a page which discusses Genetically Manipulated Organisms GMO. This one report is only a small fraction of the material available on GMO, but it is a good start for you. Frankenfood as it is called in Europe.

The Europeans will have none of it. Our Anerican soya growers, especially the gigantic corporate farms sold boatloads of soybeans to Europe and Asia. Not any more. Americans cannot give the stuff away free. They won't let it in their countries.

More than half the crop is planted in Monsanto's RoundUp Ready patented GMO seeds. These are seeds with bacteria genes—a creature never before seen on Earth. The theory is that with these FDA licensed seeds you can grow a plant that survives spraying with a highly successful Monsanto herbicide, Round Up. You can densely poison your fields and still have a saleable crop.

One major application for soya is cheap feed for cattle. The bovines cannot properly digest soybeans, any beans, so they grow fat quickly. Cattle with herbicide loaded, Frankenfood genes-soybeans in its tissues among other interesting curiosities, is what you see for sale as various grades of quality meat in every store and restaurant.

OK! Let's wrap this up.

Unless you are trying to survive as a strict vegetarian, a vegan, you eat some form of animal tissue every day. The single most nutritional such animal food is red meat. This goes back thousands of years. There are nutrition propagandists who warn of dire diseases if you eat beef. They are actually correct as to the beef industry in America. A return to pre-1950 ranching is the grassfed beef concept. Just grass, weeds, and flowers is what bovine ruminants eat in the wild. Copy nature and you get naturally low fat, medicinal, tasty, fast cooking beef. Get the whole grassfed beef technical story here.

Learn how to make homemade rainwater into a universal medicine for just a few cents per dose, three doses per day on our other website Then Back-button to return here. END