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Organic Food Ingredients

This is the index page to useful information on this site concerning food items eaten by those who understand that food is where health resides. These pages contain positive, happy information, such as how to cheaply treat corn to convert it overnight from a simple starch, to a shopping basket of nutrition—a thousands of years old technique still used by savvy Indians both here in the States, and south of the border. There has to be an exception to this happy hour. Alas, our very first button is on toxic food. You need this to establish a firm ground for all the good stuff below it.

CAVEAT ORGANIC There is a downside to dealing with organic food ingredients that must be kept on the front page. Dangerous bacterium, viruses, fungi, and microscopic parasite eggs/spores are likely to be on your organic salad greens, organic eggs, and organic anything. This is because the nerve gas derived toxins now called agricultural chemicals are prohibited from application on these foodstuffs.

You are getting the raw, powerful nutrients along with all its natural baggage that can seriously challenge your immune systems. So, protect yourself. Handle with care. Use kitchen latex or vinyl gloves.

Open up and soak your salad ingredients in a tablespoon or two of 7-10% povidone iodine in a big pot of tap water. Don't get your nose too close to this bathwater because raw iodine is caustic. It is one of the four halogens used as killers: fluorine, chlorine, iodine, and borine. Soak for 15 or more minutes. Nothing survives. Rinse off. A trace or two of the iodine won't disturb you in your salad unless you are allergic to iodine. Soak a dishrag in the tank and splash it around your kitchen counters.

An ounce, a shot glass or two tablespoons in a half gallon of tap water will hardly be noticed if you pour the iodine into the water, not the other way around. It won't flavor the foods. However, don't splash it around because it may get into your eyes. If so, just go under your shower and soak your face in running water.

Buy povidone at your first aid shelf or in a farmers cooperative at far cheaper prices because there it is used for livestock wound disinfection, especially on horses. The one I keep on hand is a full quart for about $7 that purports not to cause pain in an open wound, especially on horses.

Egg shells and their cartons likely have E.coli and salmonella from time to time. Plain soapy water or detergent water will get rid of them before you put the eggs away in your refrigerator. Rinse off the soap or detergent. Disinfect your hands with thorough washing BEFORE you move around the kitchen handling things.

Toxic Food Picture of a happy 'Jolly Roger' pirate flag Chemical Agriculture. How chemical farming started in Germany in the 1800s. How it cannot produce healthy plants, ergo, healthy food.

Organic vs. Mainstream Food (Smith) 1993—organic versus commercial edibles scientific comparison. Nutritional values (and toxicity) was quantified in a model that simulated actual human digestion for the first time in history. Demolishes all other investigations. Peer reviewed journal publication.

Barley Barley is ancient. Was probably the first beer brewed by accident.

Beans A bean is the next generation of a legume kind of plant. It is it's seed.

Beef and Bison Bovine and bison liver and meat is total life support if it is all grass fed — no grain, no corn. Ranchers following Joel Salatin's Protocols have “Beyond Organic” beef. Commercial beef, even “Organic” beef is toxic if it is fed grain. This page explains why. If you are an active or athletic person, you will greatly benefit from eating beef. But as you will find out in this special report by Dr. Joe Mercola, N.D., most of the beef in America is not fit to eat.

Buckwheat Buckwheat is an herb, not a cereal grass called wheat. Safe. Tasty. Nutritious.

Canola Oil The con job. Canola is not food for humans.

Carrots Everybody loves carrots, especially if you pull up your own, wash it, and eat it still warm from the ground. An excellent plant to start children into gardening. Carrots give you vitamin A. This vitamin has major roles in you immune system aside from its traditional place in helping preserve your eyesight. You can grow carrots anywhere there is soil and sun. Organic carrots are loaded with sugar when ripe. Very sweet!

Coconut Palm Oil This is what you should be cooking with. Palm oil is actually medicinal. Mary Enig, Ph.D., spoke before the entire palm oil industry in convention in Singapore in 1999. This is an education at a very high level.

How To Make Coconut Milk It's too easy. This is the ultimate food for your growing children not still nursing momma's milk. Give up the myth that bovine milk is a good source of calcium. It is a poor source for calcium and generally toxic.

Corn How to prepare a cheap chemical treatment fully within the organic paradigm that explains how native peoples in the Western Hemisphere have thrived for thousands of years on maize, the original corn. Lime treated corn's niacin B3 protects you from lethal pellagra, its ascorbates protect you from lethal scurvy.

Eggs: Chicken and Duck Chickens and ducks lay eggs that are almost a perfect food if laid by an organically fed and kept hen. Stay away if not organic. Cook until nothing is liquid to kill off possible parasites. Use water, coconut/palm oil, olive oil to cook if frying. A fresh organic egg will stand up and salute you when you break it intact into a pan. Cheap supermart commercial eggs flatten when you break them; sometimes contain salmonella or E. coli.

Fish contamination Mercury contaminated fish should not be eaten without chlorella to absorb the fish's mercury as you eat it. This is a must read.

Flaxseed encased within a hard, shiny, slippery, flat little seed lurks a wealth of a particular kind of fatty acid, Omega 3 oil. You can buy the oil seperately in an opague plastic bottle, or you can eat the whole seed by grinding it up and sprinkling it into your green salad. You cannot cook with it.

Fluorine food contamination The fluorine/fluoride poisoning in America is many times more potent in our food chain than in the water we drink. This is a must read.

GARLIC Garlic is an all purpose medicine with valuable other applications. Garlic is so powerful, other plants are intimidated by it; won't grow next to it. Plant it as a perimeter around your garden to discourage four legged browsers. Make a sun powered tea of it as a concentrate. One whole bulb per gallon. Then a couple of tablespoons of the concentrate per gallon. Then spray it on your garden after every rain. No bug will eat those leaves until the next rain washes them clean. Spray it around your windows and doors. Mosquitos cannot stand garlic. This bulb is a contact killer for viruses, bacteria, and fungi. A bad boy. If your goal is to bring your immune systems to high peak, eat a clove or two of fresh organic garlic. It works also in warding off werewolves and vampires.

Genetically Manipulated food is untested. Nobody has a clue as to what to expect from eating it. No matter what our exalted Food and Drug Administration tell you about its safety, no GMO (Genetically Manipulated Organism) has ever been seen on planet Earth. Their patents, issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, depend on this fact as the fundamental basis for being issued in the first place. At last count, 60% of all manufactured foods (I've heard 90%) contain substantial amounts of GMO. But not organic manufactured foods because GMO is prohibited.

Goat Milk Goat milk is medicinal if you can get it fresh from the dairy goat. It is naturally homogenized without the allergens of bovine milk. Contrary to bovine milk, goats are usually fed clean food. And goats do not have IGF-1 hormone which feeds tumors, but cow milk has lots of it. It is becoming popular. Full line organic food stores now carry the Myerenberg brand fluid and powdered goat milk. Not organic. Beware the “Natural” label which means absolutely nothing.

Greens and Lettuce It is the green with it's magnesium and chlorophyl that nurtures. Iceberg white lettuce is useless.

Honey 1 Honey is actually medicinal if you don't foul it by straining and cooking it into a sugar substitute. If the jar of it you have is white with beeswax, stiff at room temperature, and has bits and pieces of bees that came to their end, then you have raw honey the way a bear gets it.

Honey 2 Another report on medicinal honey used as a food, rather than a sweetener. It has been used as a wound topical medicine since the beginning of time. Bees don't get sick. And you won't find bacteria or viruses in a hive.

POISONMilk Cow milk is for calves, not humans.

Millet Millet is a direct substitute for wheat as nutrition, but without the common allergen gluten.

MSG Monosodium Glutamate Neuroexcitotoxin. Plain words: it vibrates your nerves to death.

Nutrasweet/aspartame Pure poison. Study every label before eating or drinking. Absolutely bad stuff.

Oats Oats is a cereal grass seed. No gluten.

Onions Onions and garlic are cousins.

Potatoes Native to South America, potatoes saved Europe; triggered mass migration from Ireland to USA.

Poultry Organic poultry: chicken, duck, goose, turkey cooks and tastes noticeably different than commercial birds. No chemical aftertaste. No tumors, leukemia, hardly any parasites such as E.coli. If it isn't priced at least twice the diseased factory birds' supermarket prices, don't buy it. Must be certified organic, or near organic, or in my case, buying from the grower directly right on the farm. No antibiotics, no “growth enhancers.” Most commercial concentration camp factory birds have been forced to be cannibals, eating other dead, ground up birds as well as bird feces. Ugh!

Pork Don't touch it if it isn't certified organic or you know what they fed the animal and how it lived out its life. Never eat it in a restaurant. Horrendous parasite infections that can easily go lethal come from undercooked pork. The old rabbis had it exactly right when they banned it from the Hebrew table.

Rice Rice is a highly nutritious cereal grass seed if you keep its bran on it as in “brown” rice.

Rye Rye is the tough weather cereal. Nutritious.

Salmon Wild caught salmon is good. Farmed fish is loaded with mercury used to color it pink. Canned salmon is almost always farmed fish. If your fish department person doesn't know whether the salmon steaks on ice are wild or farmed, but look nicely pink, pass it by. There is a lot of agitation now about mercury poisoned wild fish from the coal burning power generators drifting westward smoke from America and Canada.

Salt Salt from evaporated seawater is an essential nutrient. For some conditions it is medicinal. But, that free flowing white stuff out of a blue carton you think is “salt” is actually an industrial chemical, not nutritious, poisonous!

SardineTiny little fish or not so tiny—same fish, different age and big difference in price. The Empress brand seems to have a lock on the large sardines in a can. What a bargain! Wash away the who knows what tomato sauce they can it with, lay on lemon or lime juice and split it with a companion for two meals out of one can. The tiny baby sardines in little cans can cost up to $25 per pound. The big fish have none of the greasy attributes of the tiny ones. A surprisingly tasty, cheap meal filled with lots of nutrition and so far, not mercury poisoned.

Soybeans-soya Glycine max is not food for humans. Soy milk is a chemical unfit for any purpose that has killed infants.

Spelt-Wheat Wheat is a recently invented plant derived from Spelt, which is about 9,000 years old.

Stevia Stevia is several hundred times as sweet as table sugar, but is not digestable, thus does not disturb your blood sugar levels or affect your metabolism.

TomatoesTomato is a nightshade family member. Watch it—you may be allergic to tomato and potato. Otherwise, lots of nutrition. Vitamin C.

Tuna If you cannot find it canned without monosodium glutamate (MSG) usually disquised as “vegetable broth” don't eat it. Or, if you must, rinse out the fake flavor. MSG is a neuroexcitotoxin that kills brain and nerve cells. Best practice is to buy it at the fish market as a tuna steak and cook it yourself. Higher price per pound than the canned stuff, but food is medicine. On the other hand, the word is out now by government and non-government sources that our ocean fish population is mercury contaminated from all the coal being burned for electrical power. If the plain vanilla stuff cannot be found, buy the cheapest brand, drain it, rinse it in distilled water while still in the can. If you are strongly allergic to MSG, test it after rinsing with a tiny shred on your tongue. If no reaction arises, eat very slowly in tiny portions. One can of it plus an apple equals lunch for me most days. END (for now)

Learn how to make homemade rainwater into a universal medicine for just a few cents per dose, three doses per day on our other website Then Back-button to return here. END