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Physicians registry, chelation; nutritionally based. a department of the Natural Foods Merchandiser trade journal for members of the organic food movement. Timely insider info about whither goest organic food sources. monthly tabloid voice of the organic farmer. This is a must read for anybody interested in the down and dirty of growing anything to eat on a farm or garden. Ask for a free sample copy. huge overnight success online association of organic food consumers. Newsletter Based in Iowa, which has the richest soil in America, deep humus, this bunch of farm folks will ship you bags of different flour or raw seeds and beans—all organic. Do your own cooking and save at least 40% of your food budget with your own labor. For the first time, you'll know what exactly you are putting in your body as nutrition. For almost two decades, Udo Erasmus has dedicated his time to understanding the effects of fats and oils on human health, as well as the nature of health itself. Most of his more recent days have been spent on the road, spreading the message about this largely misunderstood, but vitally important, subject. He has written two ground breaking books: Fats and Oils, and Fats That Heal Fats That Kill, and has now almost completed his third, Fats That Heal Fats That Kill: The Kitchen Guide, co-written with Usha Menard. Udo's latest research and itinerary can be seen at the website. A superb site by Jo Robinson, author of a book on medicinal nutrition. Study the science on the differences between grassfed and grainfed beef. Click suppliers to find a list of grassfed (beyond organic) beef and poultry producers in your State. These food producers will be able to steer you to local organic vegetable and fruit producers. Buy directly from the producers a month at a time. Huge seeds source for farmers. Both commercial and organic. You are eating wheat seeds when you eat ground up wheat in the form of bread. The same for corn, and all grains and grasses. Wheat and spelt are grasses.

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