Organic Food Is Nutritional Health
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One pound of millet will yield about 1500 Kcalories of human nutritional energy. A “Kcalorie” is a food nutrition unit similar to a plain calorie which is a unit of heat. A typical adult female can maintain weight on just that quantity of energy units per day. An adult male needs about 2000 Kcalories, or about 1-1/3 pounds. A typical child under ten needs half what his mother needs per day.

Picture of hulled millet

Panicum Miliaceum. Organic, hulled, but otherwise unprocessed. Easy to digest. Rich in amino acids, phosphorus, B vitamins, and iron. A substitute for rice in all Asia and most of Africa. There are several hundred varieties of millet. The organic whole grain here is the one used for human food in Asia and Africa. Because it has no gluten, persons allergic to the gluten protein in wheat should have no difficulty with millet. Easy to cook. Just boil it until soft. Flavor or combine with anything. Tiny sand-like yellow balls.

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