Why is all commercial food toxic?

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Chemicalized Commercial
Food is Toxic

We start at the beginning- in the ground. Synthetic fertilizer consists of three chemicals. These are made in a factory to replace what we take out of the ground in the edible plants. These are the main chemicals used by any plant anywhere to support its life. Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. This is called NPK. Justus von Leibig, father of organic chemistry in the mid to late 1800's in what became known as Germany. The whole concept was discovered in the mid 1800s by Baron Justus von Leibig, the German father of organic chemistry. He did not know then when he published his famous report, that pumping NPK into the ground prevents plant uptake of trace minerals. He did not know that without trace minerals, the growing plant has no immune system. It gets sick easily. It attracts Nature's garbage disposal machine, the insects. He probably did not know about trace minerals.

“After 1838 Liebig's interest shifted from pure organic chemistry to the chemistry of plants and animals. He made a large number of analyses of tissues and body fluids and carried out a study of the nitrogenous products of the animal organism. A by-product of this investigation was the Liebig extract of beef. He then became greatly interested in agricultural problems and in 1840 published Organic Chemistry in Its Application to Agriculture and Physiology. This book exerted very great influence on practical agriculturalists. He rejected the old theory that humus supplied plants with food and showed that plants took carbon dioxide, water, and ammonia from the air and soil. He advocated the use of mineral fertilizers to supply other elements that might become depleted in soils.” (Brittanica)

He further did not know that animals and people who eat these weakling plants also get sick easily. He had no way of measuring the tiny amounts of about eight metals called minerals and certainly had no idea of their life and death importance. He found out later on, and tried to reverse himself. The new and exploding industry in synthetic fertilizers ignored him. Australian plague locust harvests garbage crops for Mother Nature.

Why do plants fertilized with synthetics lack the trace minerals?

Here's the answer. To get NPK down past the surface of the ground to reach the roots, it is converted into the salt version of the chemical. Salt is water soluble. So when it rains, the NPK reaches the roots. This is where the harm comes.

It is not generally known that the P or phosphorus component comes from processing superphosphate rock. This mineral contains toxic concentrations of fluorine as a fluoride. Fluorine is one of the four halogens, (chlorine, bromine, iodine, fluorine) and is the single most toxic element on Earth as to animal life. The phosphate is baked at high temperature to drive off the huge concentrations of fluoride up the smokestack into the air. What's left is fluoride at about 20 ppm. This is rated as tolerable for the farmers handling NPK by whatever name it is called.

This fluoride rides the salt fertilizer down into the soil to add to the kill-off of all living things in the crucial 2-4 inches of topsoil on which all animal life on Earth depends. There are no earthworms in synthetic fertilizer soaked soil. Not many mice either. Very few birds if any, greet the dawn on synthetic fertilized fields.

A green leaf plant cannot absorb into its system, a metal (mineral) until after the mineral has been pre-digested by another kind of plant that lives its entire life under the surface. This is a special kind of fungus. This lacy world-wide friendly fungus lives symbiotically with green leaf plants, from grass to Redwoods. The green leaf converts sunshine (energy) into carbohydrates (sugar). The fungus converts ground minerals into digestible molecules, somewhat like bees convert pollen into honey. The two living creatures exchange services. Life goes on.

When the concentrated NPK salt reaches the roots of the green leaf plant, it also surrounds the friendly fungus. This kills the fungus. A killed fungus cannot exchange services with a growing green leaf plant. When the fungus tries to grow back to once again exchange services, another leach of NPK hits it. And another.

The growing green leaf plant shoots right up and looks beautiful. Its physical needs are boosted by the ready abundance of NPK. But it has no immune system. Without an immune system, it broadcasts infrared waves- heat. This attracts air breathing fungus spores. They begin to feed on the beautiful but weak plant. It also attracts plant eating insects. Both the air breathing, plant eating fungus, and the insects prey on weaklings. At this point, you have visually pretty, but deficient plants to eat. This is bad. It gets worse.

With a field of growing food plants under attack by Mother Nature to get rid of the mutants, the farmer's living is threatened. He sprays his fields with chemical poisons designed to kill the fungus, fungicides, and to kill the insects, insecticides. If that's all these deadly chemicals did, the story would end here. But it doesn't end here.

The poisons are nerve toxins that were originally developed during World War II as nerve gas weapons. They tested their concoctions on insects. When the war ended, all this good research was let out of the box. The synthetic fertilizer producers now had a solution to the problem they had caused in the first place. These nerve toxins work very well on humans. Eating just a tiny bit with each bite means that you don't keel over dead before brandy and cigars, but it does mean that you accumulate the poisons in your tissues and especially in your fat cells. Sooner or later you develop some kind of disease or weakness including a compromised immune system. This is bad. But it doesn't end here.

Because your degenerating condition is not a specific disease, like say, strep throat, your ordinary doctor hasn't a clue as to where to start to diagnose you. So he or she starts experimenting on you with antibiotics. This makes you sicker by attacking bacterial pathogens you may have, and attacking all your good bacteria who produce 80% of your entire immune system who are lodged in your gut. This is bad. But it doesn't end here.

Now we come to the disgusting end. Buried deep in your liver, and other organs, is a tiny worm you picked up by its eggs left on the toxic-chemical grown leafs- the fluke. The fluke is nourished by industrial solvents used in processing your supermarket meals and processed food items. The toxins discharged by the fluke can make you very sick with any number of untreatable diseases. Your ordinary doctor hasn't a clue. The antibiotics continue. You don't get better. You get worse.

The final word here is that you unknowingly pay for your own pain and distress when you eat commercial food whether at home or in a restaurant. First, the animal and vegetable is weak and defective, lacking trace minerals. Second, they carry nerve toxins into your body to eventually make you sick. And third, small amounts of solvents are brought in to nourish flukes parasites.

  • Now you know why any organic food is good to eat; except the soya plant—soy, soybean.
  • and why any commercial, much cheaper priced food, is bad to eat;
  • and why you should be cooking your meals from scratch with organic components.

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