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Harvesting rice in Cambodia

Long or short brown, organic rice. Brown rice is a whole food. If it doesn't have the brown or tan bran still wrapped around the inner white carbohydrate, then it's a derivative of rice, not the original food. Just as white table sugar is not sugar, but a chemical derivative of the original beet or cane juice, the white rice you see on supermarket shelves is pure carbohydrate. A carbohydrate is two molecules of sugar held together with a water soluble glue. Brown rice cannot be stored long in open air lest its light brown bran which contains all the oils and amino acids, goes rancid. Rancid brown rice delivers a common mold or fungus that is present in many cancer cases according to Dr. Hulda Clark. If your local supplier is not keeping his brown rice in the cooler or air sealed (both is preferred), do not buy it.

Organic rice milk (Gerson Institute E-News, e-news@gerson.org 24Apr2000) [Edited for brevity]
One substitute for Soy Milk is Rice Milk. Commercial rice milk has salt and oil in it. You must make it yourself, not buy it. Boil brown rice until tender. Whip in blender with distilled water until smooth. Add more pure water to bring to watery milk level. Add unpasteurized honey to sweeten a little. Filter through cheesecloth or stainless mesh to trap large particles. Add whatever flavoring you wish. Refrigerate in a tight container. Stir before serving.

COMMENT: Coconut milk made from the coconut meat is superior in all ways to rice milk and will not turn rancid. Soy milk is not food; it is a thoroughly chemicalized white fluid made in a factory with known toxins. It sickens and kills infants.

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